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CSCW Workshop: Reconciling Privacy with Social Media –

CSCW Workshop: Reconciling Privacy with Social Media

By on November 17, 2011



Social media is the one of the newest among many ways individuals manage their social interactions with others. When the benefits of using social media are examined, it is rare that they are linked back to privacy. However, when framed correctly, privacy can be a means to enhance social media outcomes opposed to impeding them. This workshop broadens the lens of social media privacy to examine the benefits and outcomes of interactional privacy as they relate to social media goals. The workshop will also focus on designing for social media interfaces that are responsive to end users changing privacy needs. We will focus on two main themes: the benefits and outcomes of interactional privacy behaviors in social media environments, and design and evaluation solutions for bringing such benefits to fruition. This workshop is part of CSCW 2012. View the extended abstract (pdf).

Call for Participation

Participants from academia and industry, specifically those from the privacy community and the community of researchers who focus on the benefits or outcomes of social media, and those who want to learn more about this emerging area of research are invited to participate. This group will contribute a broader perspective on how privacy can impede or enhance social media goals. In addition, we invite and encourage industry participants from social media companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter to provide their insights about social media environments and privacy design. We plan the following activities for the workshop:

  • Individuals: Presentations of position papers
  • Entire Group: Brainstorm related and conflicting goals of privacy and social media
  • Small Groups: Brainstorm benefits and outcomes of privacy that enhance social media outcomes
  • Small Groups: Choose a conflicting goal and discuss ways to reconcile it
  • Small Groups: Identify design techniques and brainstorm design implications based on the previous discussions

Potential workshop participants should submit 2-4 page position papers (CSCW extended abstracts format) that describe research related to the workshop themes.


Papers will be peer-reviewed by the workshop program committee, and participants will be selected based on their potential to contribute to the workshop discussions and goals.


Email submissions to pjkarr@uncc.edu


Deadlines and Important Dates:

  • 25 November 2011: Position papers due
  • December 31, 2011: Notification of acceptance
  • 12 February, 2011: One and two-day workshops take place at CSCW 2012

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