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International Journal of Engineering and Science Applications (IJEScA) –

International Journal of Engineering and Science Applications (IJEScA)

By on February 12, 2015

IJEScAInfo Baru Vol. 11 No. 2 Februari 2015-o

This journal is an international scientific journal published by the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University, Makassar. This volume (volume 1, number 1, November 1st 2014) is the first edition of the International Journal of Engineering and Science Applications (IJEScA). This edition consists of II articles cover topics in engineering and application of science. They are classified into 3 grouped namely energy, environment and materials.

The first group explains electricity of thermal power plant. The power from the load changes is introduced into the system and it is treated as the uncertainty during the design process. Another manuscript elaborates a new load frequency control (LFC) design using Coefficient Diagram Method (COM) in the presence of wind turbines (WT), for improving network frequency quality. Performance comparison between the proposed controller, a classical integral control and Model predictive control is carried out. The research confirms the superiority of the proposed technique in presence of doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) WT.

The second group describes the origin of magma in different chemical composition. 1hI.’ presence of different minerals within the rock indicates an alteration due to a process of alteration and metal mineralization during the mineral forming. Other article shows how the fluctuation of sea temperature is affected by sea level change and other environmental condition such as global climate changes. To prevent coastal area from the effects of tsunami, Mangrove Forest, which spread widely in coasts of the Indonesian Archipelago can be utilized as gives an alternative solution. The forest can ensure that the tsunami become less hazardous. Other paper shows that deterioration of environment has occurred in small scale at the small lake at Unhas Campus, Unhas Lake. Tests on the quality of water,have shown most of the parameters are above the healthy standard. The arrangement territorial control for housing is one of the efforts for human environmental friendly. Choosing Wah-Fu estate for the case study, which represents a typical residential built environment in Hong Kong (HK) the study exposes two basic human aspects through the study of transformation of built environment specially for practicing authority, and emphasizes how both aspects are restricted with certain territorial control for the sake of greater benefit of collective habitation in a society.

Another group explains material and dimension of the building structure on land and off shore. To assess the buckling strength of the structure due to the effect of D/t ratio, the Finite Element Method (FEM) is performed. As a fundamental case, the buckling strength analysis is conducted on the structure by taking two dimensional planes (2D) into consideration to obtain the critical buckling load due to the effect of D/t ratio for two dimensional plane. Structural material test of castellated steel beams expresses using Static Loading Frame -two-point load in monotonic loading is presented in another article. From the test results it is known that the castellated steel beams with [] 60°, e = 90 mm is able to withstand the maximum load compared to test material variation of another angle and distance, while the maximum load deflection value is greater than the variations in the value of the angle cut and bend the smaller web. Analysis carried out to determine the tensile-strength toward epoxy resin mixture in the woven ramie composite is also described in this journal. The result of this research shows that the highest tensile-strength is obtained in the mixture of Resin-Hardener 62-38, 60.45 ± 4.78 MPa, the fracture formed was brittle fracture and there was no pull-out or empty cavity; and the changing structure marked with the formation of nitril functional groups (C = N) with the sharp physical feature and medium intensity in the 2200-2400 cm-} absorption area. Human behavior in Makassar city in corresponding to the transportation is explained in the last article in this issue. The study results provide a travel behavior models such as the arrival time choice and the travel mode choice models of the visitors. The analysis results show that the majority of the traditional market’s visitors are women and their profession as housewife. In addition, the trip chain of the visitors is dominated by the home-market-home pattern, and most of the visitors used a motorcycle .

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