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JIS Handbook Non-Ferrous Metals and Metallurgy II –

JIS Handbook Non-Ferrous Metals and Metallurgy II

By on August 26, 2016

JIS-Ferrous metalurgy2Info Baru Vol. 12 No. 8 Agustus 2016-s

Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) are playing an important role in the reduction of production cost, the simplification and fairness of trade and the rationalization of use and consumption as the national standards developed in accordance with the Standardization Law. The Japanese Industrial Standards which cover approximately 10,500 items at present are reviewed once every five years, as a rule, to take a procedure to revise, reaffirm or abolish in order to keep the appropriate contents, and new JIS in compliance ‘with new needs are developed as well.

This book, JIS Handbook which contains the main JIS in the related fields from among the Japanese Industrial Standards valid as of the end of January 2015 and, where appropriate, the extracts of JIS are included instead of their full text taking the usability into account and errata to JIS that are issued by the end of March, 2015 are reflected in the contents. [For information on JIS issued after January 2015, please consult the JIS standards on the JSA web site  (http://www.webstore.jsa.or.jpf)]

Because of the characteristics of this Book, details of standards in the Book are not
necessarily equal to the original standards. Please remind that as a reference for design and for trade particularly, confirm the Standards’ content to the detail and make certain the Standards’ status as well. (The forewords to all the JISs included in the Handbooks are omitted. The omitted foreword can include notices on the patents rights or copyrights related to the particular JIS.)

The readers are requested to refer to the original JIS, which is to be the final authority, in the event of any doubts arising as to the JIS English version contents.

The readers are also requested to be aware that, for editorial reasons, the contents of this English version of Handbook are not equal to the Japanese version of Handbook.

We highly appreciate the kind assistance from the related organization and the persons in editing this Book.

Daftar isi: JIS Handbook Non-Ferrous Metals and Metallurgy II

One Comment

  1. Rahartri

    August 30, 2016 at 9:04 am

    Pak Jae….mohon dikoreksi. Antara judul dan daftar isi yang di up-load kok tidak sama.

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